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Conservation Awards

RIBA(IW)and the Isle of Wight Society Conservation Awards

The Award Scheme is for the recognition of good building work that contributes to the character of the Island. We share the presentation event with the Island branch of the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA Website (South East) who present their New Build Award and CPRE who present their Good Lighting Award.

Our aims are to encourage a high standard of planning, architecture, and the conservation of buildings and their setting on the Island. Entries will be judged mainly on their quality of design and the work overall and also the visual impact on the environment.

The scope of awards has been broadened and projects completed within the last 5 years, for example, individuals undertaking renovation work or ecology conservation on a building project will be considered.

The competition is open to private individuals, corporate bodies, churches and other communities. It embraces small and large scale works raging from staircases and fountains to Roman excavations, fortifications and landscaping.

Recognition is awarded for a restoration project, a rebuild, an extension to an existing building of architectural merit, a completely new property or development or any combination of these.

Nominations are accepted between the beginning of January and March 1st. The projects are judged in April. The awards are presented in June.

Developers/Owners are invited to submit comprehensive details of their project to be considered for an award with photographs of 'before', 'during', and 'after' the completion of the work.

Entries must be completed by the end of the December prior to nomination. (Eg: nominations for 2020 were completed by December 2019.) 

Two further Awards bequested by former members of the Society are:

The Jo Mitchell Award, is awarded for landscaping, which fits in with a conservation project.

The Sybil Bodycombe Award, is for small conservation projects which do not have to be visible to the public eye, but must be in the true sense of conservation.

The judges' decision must be accepted as final and no member of the Society is empowered to enter into any comment. Any commercial use of a nomination before the judges' decision is made known may disqualify the entry.

The Awards comprise of a plaque for the building owner and certificates for the Architect and contractor plus Certificates of Merit for runners up which will be given at the Awards Ceremony.




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Conservation Awards 2016

Projects finished in 2015 and judged in 2016


Conservation Awards 2015

Projects finished in 2014 and judged in 2015


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